Bridging Cultures, Landscapes, and Languages

联结文化、地域特 色及语言

China and Wales. Two nations – different in scale, but each one rooted in landscapes that give rise to powerful cultural symbols.

Dragons, mountains, lakes and rivers have inspired the poetry, song and legends that form our respective cultural inheritance.

These common themes are the basis for rich learning experiences, whether in acquiring proficiency in Mandarin Chinese, or delving into the culture of today’s China.

As part of bi-lingual Wales, the Confucius Institute is the first to offer the option for adult learners to study Chinese through the medium Welsh, in addition to our usual courses taught in English. A limited number of Chinese taster workshops, too, are available to Welsh-medium primary schools.

Our unique teaching methodology draws on the linguistic patterns of Welsh, English and Chinese to enable fast progress in learning Chinese. We blend the teaching of Chinese with rich cultural comparisons between China and Wales that fully engage students’ interest.

For teaching professionals now delivering international languages as part of the New Curriculum for Wales, we offer CPD Chinese language training courses. These aim to give Welsh teachers who wish to introduce Chinese in their classroom a thorough grounding in basic Chinese. The courses offer free resources that support a multilingual approach to language teaching.

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