Conference 2022
Harmony at the Heart of Wellbeing


Krystyna Krajewska

Confucius Institute Executive Director

Krystyna is Executive Director of the UWTSD Confucius Institute and a graduate of UWTSD’s Masters Programme The Body: Eastern and Western Perspectives.

Over the past ten years or so, Krystyna has worked to explore the rich cultural heritage of Chinese wellbeing, and its many expressions in contemporary society, through workshops, lectures with subject specialists from China and the UK.

During the Covid pandemic in 2021 the Confucius Institute partnered with Jiangxi University of Chinese Medicine and Northumbria University to carry out research into the effect of Medical Qigong exercise on a group of 170 volunteers.

Krystyna has co-authored the resulting joint research paper with Northumbria University Wellbeing Informatics team, currently under review. Her paper entitled: The Subtle Energy Body as a Self-organising System: an Enquiry into the Lived-Experience of TCM Qigong Practitioners is published in the Systemist (Vol 42 (1) September 2001).