Conference 2022
Harmony at the Heart of Wellbeing


Prof. Liu Dongming

Professor Special Education College

Liu Dongming is a Professor at the Special Education College of Beijing Union University with a Medicine Doctor degree from the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

She is a researcher in the area of Chinese medicine, and has a practiced as a professional acupuncturist and specialist in tuina massage for almost 30 years. Her recent research projects include: meta-analysis study on the clinical efficacy of abdominal acupuncture in the treatment of the three common diseases; Beijing Municipal Education Commission Scientific Research Project on “Press-and-Move Tuina Therapy” of Beijing Famous Chinese Medicine Doctor Wang Youren, based on Data Mining Technology China Disabled Persons’ Federation Project, Study on the Scheme of Common Braille Symbols for Commonly Used Words in Acupuncture and Tuina Majors.

Some of her recent publications include: “Clinical Characteristics of Zhu Danxi Acupuncture”, Chinese Acupuncture; “Observations on the efficacy of Tuina based on Ziwuliuzhu for treating insomnia”, Chinese Manipulation & Rehabilitation Medicine; “An investigation into the development of expression and content of the Fourteen Meridians’ acupoints verse”, Chinese Acupuncture; “The Development and the Clinical Application of Tuina Therapy in Treating Chronic Pelvic Inflammation”, Clinical journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine.