Conference 2022
Harmony at the Heart of Wellbeing


Prof. Xie Meixia

Professor, BUU

As one of the few inheritors of the Buddhist tea ceremony heritage, Xie Meixia studied tea art under Wu Limin, President of the China Buddhist Culture Research Institute and the President of China Buddhist Tea Association.

Xie Meixia is a National Senior Tea Taster, tea philosophy specialist, tea ceremony specialist and senior appraiser for the Tea Ceremony Category in the National Assessment of Vocational Skills.

Director of Beijing Buddhist Tea Ceremony Heritage Cultural Exchange Center. She is also Distinguished Tea Philosophy professor of the Tourism College of Beijing Union University; Deputy director of “the Belt and Road Initiatives” strategy and Chinese Tea Culture Development and Research Team in Peking University; Deputy Director of Tea and Alcoholic Drinks Department of China National Minority Necessities Association.