Conference 2023
Harmony at the Heart of Wellbeing


Tim Franklin


Tim Franklin is a Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Yoga, mindfulness and Qigong practitioner, and holistic therapist. Introduced to martial arts as a child, Tim has studied Japanese and Chinese martial systems with various masters around the world over four decades.

As a qualified Shaolin, Zen Arts teacher and therapist, he teaches internationally practical ways to use martial arts, qigong, tai chi, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and self-help therapy to enhance health and daily living.

In addition to his regular classes and therapy sessions Tim is an Associate Lecturer for Chichester University, teaching Tai Chi for Mind, Body Connection and Resilience for the Performing Arts.

As a practitioner of the methods he teaches, Tim continues to learn and practice with a variety of teachers, masters, and coaches to help redefine the best and most simple methods available to provide every day, noticeable results, and finds thought-provoking ways to pass them on in a tangible, grounded and absorbing style.